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December 10, 2013



The monadic null checking example seems to be incomplete.

Should be something like:
if (points?.FirstOrDefault()?.X ?? -1 == 2)


Video with Mads' presentation: http://vimeo.com/84677184

The slides mention (@1:02:13) some more syntactic features: semicolon expression (??), string interpolation (hello Perl), binary literals (why not in C# 1.0?) and digit separators (Java is not all the time behind).


Support for

public Tuple{int,int} GetCoordinates() { return Tuple.Create(X,Y); }
// there should be less than and greater than signs, but this blog eats them

var (x,y) = p.GetCoordinates();

would be dreamy. Another thing I'd very much love is some support for partial application of methods with constant parameters (http://jendaperl.blogspot.cz/2014/03/c-60-constant-parameters-and-partial.html)


na this would be apparently dreamy
im told this is like so impossible to sugarize

public int get(int i){}
public float get(int i){}

this is peachy

public void get(int i , out int r){}
public void get(int i , out float r){}

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