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November 27, 2013


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Barry Kelly

I don't like it. I was writing a long comment based on my experiences with Delphi, a language without a C++-style const, but with 'const' parameters that were introduced specifically to solve this problem, but the comment got too long. I'll try to summarize.

Basically: nobody will know whether to use it or not, and it will end up polluting APIs, split between those who use it because they think it communicates semantic intent, those who think it's faster, and those who use it like you probably think it should be used - for performance critical ops on big value types. It only applies to value types. The guarantees about fewer copies aren't very strong when so many operations may force a copy. It will introduce a notion of constness in C# expressions that the language has never had before (this will primarily be reflected in error messages).


Immutable and isolated is coming to C#. At least, the in parameter doesn't propagate like C++ const or produce as many errors. It's primary benefit is with large structs.

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