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February 08, 2009


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Ethics? BillG? Kettle, pot etc?

William Blair

> Fred Brooks was probably influenced by this language,
> when writing the Mythical Man Month.

Not likely. Dr. Brooks had left IBM by 1966. Material that eventually came out in the book got a trial run in his graduate courses (my notes from those classes frequently read exactly like passages from the book -- he was that good a teacher and lecturer). The first MMM was published in 1975. Real work on VDM did not start until early 1973, with the first book out in 1978. Most likely, Brooks had never heard of VDM when MMM was being written during 1970-1973.


Excuse me, instead of Mythical Man Month, I meant his treatise on "No Silver Bullet," published much later around 1986. In it, he states that specifications are no silver bullet.

William Blair

> instead of Mythical Man Month, I meant ... "No Silver Bullet"

Yes, then that would be possible.

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