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Specification Languages

Specification Languages I have not had any instruction in formal methods, so I really didn’t encounter specification languages in my coursework, but I have read papers on proving programs including some classic papers by Hoare and Djikstra, and was familiar with Eiffel contracts. At Harvard, I audited the first couple lectures of graduate level computer science course in Software Engineering, but never encountered modeling and specification in the initial lectures. (By the way, this instructor, a guest lecturer from industry, following custom, recounted his prior interactions with Bill Gates. He did indeed have Bill as a student, and proudly proclaimed in his...

Unifying Math and Computer Science

I found articulating how and why mathematics is important in computer science challenging. It’s always been my intuition--even more so, that they are interdependent -- but can I support this claim? The importance of math is most clear in computer graphics because of the heavy use of linear algebra in rendering and even more so in ray tracing, yet this example is unsatisfying as it seems domain-specific and not an essential to the computer science. I have wondered whether theoretical computer science is actually the natural progression of mathematics. Mathematics has been revolutionized through automated theorem provers, computer algebra systems...

Math & Computer Science

I have always believed in a vital relationship between mathematics and computer science. In fact, my second blog post in 2003 is also entitled “Math and Computer Science” and points to several arguments for a more incorporation of mathematics in computer science. This belief was strengthened by being introduced to Lisp as my first formally taught computer science course, Artificial Intelligence, at Columbia University, taken during my senior year at high school. While I was already exposed to other high-level languages and assembly, the pedagogical impact of learning Lisp first is development of the strong associations between mathematics and programming...

Mathematical Programming

I began writing a post on my ideas of the relationship between mathematics and computer science, which grew very long, so I am splitting the one long post in several, and I will just include links to each post here. Table of Contents Math and Computer Science Unifying Math and Computer Science Specification Languages

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