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February 06, 2007


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Wesner Moise

The reason that I have the redundant parameter check is because of aliasing.

Some exceptions won't get caught, otherwise.

a.x = 0;
b.x = 3;
q = 1 / a.x;

Originally, this would succeed only if a = b, but then b would become a redundant parameter.

However, now I would flag the possibility of a.x being zero because of smarter analysis.

Andrey Shchekin

And when the readers of your blog will be able to get beta or release of NStatic?

I am quite interested in this project and wishing to play with the tool.


Thats a gorgeous looking UI. I presume you've used third party controls? It would be great if you could share your experience with the third party controls used - cheers.

Craig Stuntz

> Debugger-lie experience

I suspect you really mean "Debugger-*like* experience." :)


Ah, a blog post at last. Was getting worried there that Wes has disappeared from the face of the earth. :-)

Wes, this all looks brilliant. Great job on the UI. I envy that effortless UI, looks very easy and straightforward to use.

Really, really looking forward to this tool. I hope it's not $2,000 or higher. I was expecting something in the couple hundred $$$ range at most. Most smaller companies, like the one I work for, usually won't go for tools priced in the thousands. (So take that pricing feedback to heart! :-))

Take care Wes, keep up the great work.

Wesner Moise

It's a tiring exercise, sometimes I need to take a break.

The product has to be just right, but it's getting there soon.

DotNetBar, DevExpress, and a lot of other companies ship Office UIs.

My price will probably be a tenth of what others charge. Plus I will have a free limited product, which is also a Ribbon-based text editor.


I came accross NStatic while viewing the 2008 Lang.Net presentations. It looks very powerful to me. The UI is very impressive and gives the right answers (I like the highlighting of the code most). Great Job.
You didn't mention Boogie, used by spec# for static code analysis (mostly pre- and postconditions). How do You relate the both? Did I mix up someting?

Nevertheless I'd like to try the beta.


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