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August 03, 2006


Omer van Kloeten

"Oh, I read your blog" :)

Had I the ability to go to the conference, you'd see me doing the same thing.


Blogs surely differ wildly in their #comments-to-#readers-ratio.

I don't think I've commented on your blog before, but I've nevertheless been a pretty faithful shadow reader since I first stumbled upon "Strings UNDOCUMENTED" a couple of years ago. I've been reading Rory's blog (and Jeff's for that matter) for approximately as long, commenting quite a bit at times. I guess it's just much easier to do; commenting Rory's blog I just try to show off a bit of wit, on your blog I'd feel - as I do now - a slightly annoying pressure to be very clever. I wouldn't say it's intimidating - it's not - but it stops me from typing a quick comment, to be sure.

I'm guessing Rory is quite a lot more approachable and social than you are "in real life" as well, so there shouldn't really be any surprises here. I hope you understand that I'm not trying to put you down in any way, it's just the way things are, isn't it? Your respective personalities, which show clearly through your blogs (and thus make them readable and enjoyable), are very different, and diversity is always a good thing. I wouldn't want to read duplicate blogs written by either one of you - one of each suits me much better.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll slip back into the shadows.

Chris Bilson

I've been a long time reader, commented a few times, and must add that I've heard your blog mentioned by speakers several times. Your blog was even mentioned on Hanselminutes (in Scott's top N favorite blogs show.)

Anthony Mills

Actually, I think there's more respect out there for you than you realize. Your blog is definitely one of the ones I always look forward to reading, because I love AI and wish I understood it better, but just have never had the time.


Don't underestimate the power of lurkers! ;-)


Miguel is the current leader ("manager?") of GNOME, not it's "creator". That would be the scores of volunteers, companies and projects who contribute to it.

David Lazaro

And what were Miguel's comments on NEXTSTEP, Cocoa and Motif?

Ian Griffiths

Just on a point of information, WPF *does* have a tree view control. It's called TreeView.

(The fact that it is also possible to construct one using other parts of WPF is remarkable. But you're not actually required to do that.)

TreeView came along ages ago. This suggests Miguel is way out of date, and hasn't looked at WPF any time recently.


I agree with the other posters; comments don't always indicate readership. I can post something controversial on my blog and get 50-100 comments; or post something that doesn't induce a lot of emotion and get few comments.

Your blog, Wes, is something I always look forward to. You post a lot of interesting stuff: functional programming ideas, insider information from MS, interesting AI ideas, and of course the occassional post on NStatic. Good stuff, keep it coming. :)

Don Park

Yeah, I too visit your blog every other weekly although your name keeps slipping out of my head. Oy. Life in the 21st century. LOL.

Wesner Moise

His views on the other frameworks, David, was that he wasn't too familiar with any of them.

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