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July 06, 2005



put 'em on rubyforge.org ;)

Bill Brown

I'd be happy to mirror. I've got nearly 200 GB of bandwidth per month that I don't use.

Shoot me an email with any special instructions if you're interested.


This is great! What are the chances that Notepad2 will provide syntax highlighting for ruby's rhtml files. This would be great for the rails developer.

Damon Zwolinski

Thank you for your work and posting this. Saves me some work!


I use Notepad++ as my ruby editor and Notepad replacement. It's small, fast and easy to use. Different from Notepad2, its multi document interface and its folding feature save me a lot of time.

Bertrand HAMON

Why don't you guys use Notepad++?


Notepad++ supports Ruby as native language. That's the best editor I have ever used.

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