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January 04, 2005



If there's anything MS teaches, it's that shipping is a feature ;)


I think you partitioned incorrectly! If you had a 3rd partition for your /temp folder (and related) it would only fragment that partition - not the rest of the valuable data on the other partitions.

Drazen Dotlic

Why would you need to keep projects on separate partition? They ARE all in the source code control system, right? If so, you are always just one "Get latest version/Checkout" away from them anyway (and you DO keep sources on a different machine)?
As for your various supporting files, they can always be easily backed up, so no biggy there either.
Unless you are using 2 _drives_ so that system and swap are on one and projects and data on another in which case you might gain something. If it's only one drive, I wouldn't personally bother.


How's your project doing? I'm very curious
and, how can you live without no income?

Feel free not to answer this improper questions.

Best wishes for 2005!

Sudarshan Gaikaiwari

How has your experience been with working on the Whidbey beta? In general do you think it is a good idea to use MS betas for development purposes? Are the features provided be C# 2.0 compelling enough to live with an unstable development environment?

Wesner Moise

The Whidbey beta 1 is very stable and usable. It's also what the Longhorn team is currently using for development. Internally and historically, Microsoft development uses beta versions (and alphas) of its own compilers, but each go through a testing and triage process before being released.

My only problem is that I am limited by Microsoft's shipping schedule and that some third-party libraries I use do not support VS beta at this point.

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