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June 23, 2004



I've begun using this one since last week since my Ultraedit expired its trial period and I must say I am beginning to like it.

Syntax colorizing for just about all major languages, except for C++/CLI :-)

Shannon J Hager

What language is it written in? I wish there was some sort of registration or auto-update feature, I am using 1.0.5, the current version is 1.0.12, I had no idea.


Hmmmm, I am using 1.0.11, didn't know about 1.0.12


Where can I download notepad2 with ruby support? I have no developing environment so I cannot compile my own version.
I have asked this feature but the developer dont want this.


Wesner Moise

Scite provides Ruby support. It's based on the same codebase as Notepad2.


The beas one, as for me, is the BDV Notepad ( http://www.badevlad.com/bdvnotepad_en.htm ) It has a lot of features and very comfortable interface.

Pierre Barberis

I use Notepad++ to replace Notepad :

The reason I use Notepad++ (but not notepad2) is its MDI (Multi-Document Interface just like firefox).

To replace your notepad by notepad++, you have to :

1. Download and install Notepad++ :
2. Download Notepad++ launcher :
3. Copy notepad.exe which comes with this package into 3 directories (in given order) :

i. c:\windows\system32\dllcache
ii. c:\windows\system32
iii. c:\windows

When you replace notepad.exe in c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows, a "Windows File Protection" message box appears, click Cancel. Then another message box appears, click OK.

Now Notepad++ is your default Notepad.


Notepad++ is terrific !
Thank you Pierre.

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