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June 23, 2004


Jeff Atwood


In all seriousness, that is one of the ugliest web pages I've seen in a while. It looks like a developer's idea of good graphic design, which is invariably a total disaster. I don't know how seriously I can take comments on presentation from a page like that. Really hideous.

If you are letting developers make graphic design decisions, you are in big trouble, and probably deserve what you get. And I say that as a developer who has been put in that position many times..

Wesner Moise

While I admit the site is ugly, lack of graphical skill doesn't necessarily imply that one's ideas are of poor quality.


Or you could just use Python and not have to worry about those ugly braces right now. :)

Jeff Atwood

"While I admit the site is ugly, lack of graphical skill doesn't necessarily imply that one's ideas are of poor quality."

I agree, but I am not confident that the rest of the world feels the same way. And the topic is, really, about the quality of visual presentation, so I think it is relevant in this case.

It's the same reason I can't take advice on an exercise regimen from Steve Ballmer. ;)

andrew morton

Wow Jeff, way be a dick *and* miss the point. Once you've abstracted away from bare text you can format it however you like. You could even hire an artist to do it for you.


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