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October 30, 2003


Joe Beda

Hey Wesner,

Quick correction re: SVG vs. XAML. We aren't using the term WVG anymore as it really isn't stricktly defined. We find that the lines between XAML and what we were thinking of as WVG (shapes, image, video, canvas) is a more vague than that between, say, XHTML and SVG, when used together.

I also wouldn't say that XAML graphics is based on SVG, but rather they share a very similar rendering model. There are parts of SVG that we aren't going ot do or haven't implemented yet and there are other parts that are just different. I'm going to be going through this in some detail on my blog at http://www.eightypercent.net. There is a start to this discussion in some comments there: http://www.haloscan.com/comments.php?user=jbeda&comment=150#61721


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