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I am currently building a software company that develops desktop applications based on artificial intelligence.


I worked at Microsoft Corporation for six years from June 1994 to August 2000 in Microsoft Excel group. At Excel, I was the primary developer for PivotTables and a number of other Data Access features; so you can say, that I know more about PivotTables than anyone else in the world. During the time, I have given two TechEd presentations, got my MCSD and MCSE certification, and filed an application for a patent and went through about four different versions of Excel.

Prior to Microsoft, I grew up in Long Island, New and then studied at Harvard College, where I studied a combination of applied mathematics and computer science. I strongly recommend that any one deciding on computer programming take a good assortment of math classes (not to mention a solid foundation of theoretical computer science classes), because the abstraction, the proofs, and the rigor enables you to analyze software better and write more sophisticated programs.

After Microsoft, I left to study entrepreneurship at a fulltime MBA program in UCLA. I graduated in 2002, and am currently writing software for my new company, SoftPerson, LLC.


Software, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing